IM ALIVE!!!!!!!

2017-10-04 15:47:08 by drowsierstone

Sorry for the long wait guys but i will do something for newgrounds either it is game or animation ill post here ok.this is just saying im still alive OK IM NOT DEAD!!!!

I AM BACK!!!!!

2017-02-25 20:51:46 by drowsierstone

ok, guys, I'm back better than ever ready to make some games here and probably game jolt depends on what the game have that websites can't handle it so there might be a gap there but whatever and I may get back on to animating even tough I do more games  then animation if want more content you go to my channel and support me on my patron to help my games grow bigger if any of you guys want to help me on anything that consernse with games or animation you are free to contact when ever you wish . so hold on becuase i have grate things coming up.

Im trying to do my best

2016-11-13 17:03:57 by drowsierstone

I know it had been long since i had post something and it is becuase i had no ideas but now im back and makeing a good animation of a game that some of you.there will be a timelapse and livestream on my channel.

Working on something

2016-09-30 18:27:55 by drowsierstone

Ok im going to be making a game which is going to be for newgrounds and for newgrounds but im not to shore if i will finsh it and beside that i will try to be more active on newgrounds and try to make some rally good things in the future

Madness day

2016-09-24 11:33:23 by drowsierstone

Happy madness day

The creep jam

2016-09-02 10:22:29 by drowsierstone

I am nearly finished with my creep jam animation hopefully it is not to late.