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im just another guy who likes to animate and make games.

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Drowsierstone's News

Posted by Drowsierstone - 1 month ago

Gone for a little while thinking what I should animate and I got it so just to let you guys know I am still around and also new animation soon...all I can say it involves a cat.

Posted by Drowsierstone - August 30th, 2018


here is a little update for ya guys


Posted by Drowsierstone - August 6th, 2018

It took some time but it is finally done !!!

here it is for you guys  https://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/715089

and here is the youtube version for those who want more secrets!!!


Posted by Drowsierstone - July 30th, 2018

Sorry for the lack of activity i was very busy the last week but i am back and ready to finish this one episode and continue the story of the series as i already worte 3 episode ahead

Posted by Drowsierstone - July 17th, 2018

There is a preview of my  1st episode but the problem is that it has no music. since it is taking too long I only publish the preview on youtube. Also if you guys can subscribe to my channel it will help out a lot.


Posted by Drowsierstone - July 7th, 2018

Just became a supporter and so far i love it oh by the way the first episode is still going great and preview will be shown on my youtube channel ill see you guys there.

Posted by Drowsierstone - June 24th, 2018

The people who have followed me for a long time or watch my videos and animations on youtube knows that I am working on my own original series. This is one of my more serious projects because I want to make this series unique and the best it could be and most importantly fun to watch :D I want this series to be ...different like no one has seen before.

Do you need help?

as of right now...Not for animation but for sound effects and music yes and maybe a background. artist So if you guys want to help out with that just DM me.

Episode one is being animated right now.

Is there a different way I can help?

Yes if you guys can support me on patreon or subscribe to me on Youtube or follow me on Newgrounds that would do great.

Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/Drowsierstone


Newgrounds: https://drowsierstone.newgrounds.com/

How can I see the progress?

I have a twitter which I will tweet sometimes on how far I am, I have a discord so you guys can join anytime and I also live stream on youtube twitch and picarto.

Are you still going to make funny cartoon/parody?

YES, you gotta take a break sometimes.

How about voice actors?

As of right now, episode one doesn't need a voice but in a later episode, I thinking to hire a voice actor for 1 episode and then keep changing for a different episode since I would like to experiment with what voice would suit well for the characters and also give young voice actors a chance.

and think that it I will see you guys later :)


Posted by Drowsierstone - June 10th, 2018

Can believe that I made it to the 4 th place on p bots daily picks :D I AM SO HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Drowsierstone - May 7th, 2018

yep, guys im still here and still making animations and trying to make games since I have been having trouble.


well, im currently working on my own series which is all based on all my cancelled games I made. So since it didn't work as a game might as well make it into a cartoon.T hat doesn't mean I have stopped making games.N o im still trying things out and I have made a decision to make the long  length game 3d and the short length games 2d.im going to make this series as great as it can so more people will be interested. Oh by the way if people want to help me on making the games you can dm me. The 3d program im using is the unreal engine which I am new to and as for 2d program is called click team fusion which I have huge experience with. That is not to say im just going to work on the series. I will still make animation parody of game if think needs one.

SO THAT IT....see ya5809644_152571124982_squart2.gif

Posted by Drowsierstone - February 21st, 2018

So basically during the past week or so. I have been developing a game which I called "the to do list".and im currently still am it still going to take a very long time till I actually finish this game.The second thing im also working on is Friday the 13th parody animation which I got some voice actors to voice the characters so you can expect to see that.So what I thought that I could do for the "to do list" is to make a short game following to the to-do5809644_151925537732_thegang1.png list and this one is not going to take very long maybe a demo soon I want this series to be perfect.oh and HERE THE GANG I CREATED JUST NOW.